The impact of COVID-19 & "Staying Ahead of the Rest"

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The impact of COVID-19 & Staying ahead of the rest!!

We are heading into uncertain times with the spread of COVID-19 and the almost complete shutdown of many airlines and commercial companies. The Covid-19 outbreak has created a serious crisis for the airline industry globally. In the next few days more than half of the 24,000 commercial airlines flying around the globe will be grounded till mid-April and possibly longer, the industry fears. As of today, around 20-25 per cent of the aircraft flying globally, have been grounded across countries in Europe, America, Canada and as far a field as Australia. 

In these uncertain times, thousands of employees have been asked to take unpaid leave or expect salary cuts. Although many airlines have invested in their employees and would like to retain their expertise and experience, sadly it has led to thousands being laid off. 

But in these trying and uncertain times we need to keep positive, stay safe, enjoy quality time with our families and utilize the time wisely and stay ahead of the game. Companies have moved their training online as far as possible and more and more people are looking at enhancing their skill sets and taking online courses. 
Although the current "Aviation Online Training Providers" out there are far and few when it comes to providing up to date, engaging and guided training. As someone who is paying for the courses, you should expect all of these requirements to be met. Always take the time to see if the training provider keeps the course material up to date, has a system in place to assist you and guide you through the material, has instructors/SME's available to answer any questions you might have. Thus making your learning experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.
Use the time you have wisely, commit to enhancing your career with good quality online courses and "Stay Ahead Of The Rest" 
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